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The "Human Resources" have been highlighted as the most important resources in recent decades, while the contemporary competitive advantages should also decide on how we create the talent's advantages. There is no doubt about that ?alents" are the most valuable assets in Achem which let everyone who works in Achem is highly-treasured by the company commencing the first day when she(he) reports on duty.

 "Sincerity" is the core value and code of conduct of every employee who works in Achem that consistent traits make us so proud of this everlasting feature. Employees who live up to the said business culture and stick to this unshakable principle shall observe and manage all things around the corner with a deep and truly-concerned heart and mind, no matter whoelse, whichever products or customers. That's the reason to let Achem mark a significant achievement in talent's development education, furthermore, in line with these fundamental causes also supports Achem to build the reliability from customers and win the business in a long-run as well.



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